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Employment of top managers with a guarantee by the unique methodology from successful managers

Exclusively for the managerial elite of commercial and state companies

We help to change lives, not just jobs

Only practice. Without selling empty theory,
"water" and regalia that do not affect the result.

  • We provide the knowledge and tools to advance in the labor market that will work for you throughout your life.
  • We will help you get a position in line with your financial and career expectations, where you will realize your full potential.
  • Set your career growth in the company on a fast track to get you where you want to be.

Our approach is radically different from all existing methods in the labor market.

TakeMyTime Сompany: figures

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completed projects

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Why 99% of “TakeMyTime” clients 
take the best director 
and executive jobs

  1. “Top Managers for Top Managers” is a unique 12-step turnkey employment methodology for comprehensive personal and professional development. 

It was developed by a team of successful top managers and combines elements of career consulting, coaching, psychological counseling, personal branding and expert formation.

  1. The methodology is based on the principle of continuity of knowledge and experience of successful leaders.

From day one, you work with a Career Development Partner - a top executive with more than 10 years of experience who has built a career in major companies. Our team partners understand the structure of business and the mechanics of managerial work, so they are the best at finding jobs for top executives.

  1. A team of subject matter experts is involved in working through your career situation.

We involve designers, copywriters, translators, lawyers, and other specialists in the project. And we involve a network of experts working in different markets who give us the information we need on your industry. 
We take over the chores and you concentrate on self-development and self-promotion, which makes it 2-3 times faster to get a job.

Premium format for premium candidates

We are not ready to become partners for all managers, so we limit the range of our clients.

Who we work with:

  • With candidates for director, senior management positions with salary expectations over €3500, who are looking for or want to change jobs.
  • With those who are willing to follow our recommendations, enhance their competencies and strengthen their expert image.

Who we do not work with:

  • With those who come in out of idle curiosity.

    There is enough information on the site to satisfy interest and not take up the time of career partners who are right now helping top executives find the jobs they want.
  • With those who don't trust us and look for a catch in everything.

    If you let skepticism close your eyes to the current labor market situation and our company's legally contracted responsibilities and guarantees, we can't help you.

Fact: 60% of first meetings turn into a partnership with TakeMyTime

Receive an invitation to an introductory meeting with a career development partner after you send your resume

Triple Guarantee


If you follow all of your career partner's instructions and don't get enough options for employment, we'll refund the amount you paid for our services.

Trial period

You can count on our post-employment support and counseling. If you don't pass your trial period, you can get a free turnkey job search again.


We do not advertise our clients. Written reviews are posted on the site anonymously. We provide contacts for recommendations only after agreement with you.

12 steps of a comprehensive employment service

TakeMyTime Сompany: customer feedback (anonymous)

From the very beginning, we worked intensively on my situation: interview classes, coaching and practicing a skill, selling resume, with a portfolio, promoting my candidacy in the job market.

The results of my work: my resume views increased and invitations to interviews became regular (2-3 interviews a day). Now I began to choose the most interesting offers for me.

45 days after signing the contract with TakeMyTime, I received a job offer, for a position that was suitable and interesting for me! Thank you!


I'm a Project Manager, I've been thinking about looking for a job for the last six months. But when you work from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. you can hardly have time to prepare well for an interview. That is why I took real action a few months ago, when I found out about TakeMyTime.

At a job interview, I became the kind of person who firmly knows what the company wants, what the person across from me wants to hear. I became more confident.

I am moving to a company with a pay raise in a week. My wife and I are expecting a baby and I am very happy that now I will be able to take care of my family!


After signing the contract, we worked with a supervisor for about a month. I was “packaged” qualitatively - they created an excellent resume, taught me how to talk and answer questions from HR-specialists. Then we launched a powerful promotion of the resume through various channels.

Within 3 months I received more than 2,500 resume views, about 100 actual invitations for an interview. At the moment I have chosen the position closest to my profile and income level, and I am working as an executive director of a large company. I think the guys from TakeMyTime agency are great professionals.


After the first consultation, I began to understand where I went wrong and what I said wrong, and then I learned how to present myself correctly.

They left a few phrases from my resume, but the number of responses and invitations increased manifold. Every day I had at least two interviews with different companies. 

This is a story with a happy ending. I got the position of director, so I express my gratitude to the whole team that worked on my project.


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